Sunday, December 2, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #32

The scene I’m using for SSS describes the wedding of Neal’s best friend, Sandy, to Sophie. The entire scene is in Neal’s POV. It takes place under a tent on the beach at Crescent City, California, Sandy’s hometown. During the ceremony Neal had some difficulty trying not to think about the one-night-stand he and Sophie shared. He had a harder time with memories of his first love, Laurie, who died before he said those three little words “I love you.” 

April also grew up in Crescent City and now lives with Neal in Los Angeles. The ceremony is over and Neal suggested to April that they go for a walk along the beach. Neal thinks about how content he is with his relationship with April; they live together but have never discussed marriage. He also thinks about the enemies he makes by working with a non-profit foundation, going into neighborhoods with active street gangs and trying to convince kids to turn away from gangs. He’s just told April that he doesn’t want to leave her alone if anything happens to him and she didn’t react the way he expected.
Damn, she sounded pissed. “I just meant

She jabbed his chest with a finger. “I know what you meant. Why do so many men think the world revolves around them?”

He’d really put his foot in it now. “Hey, I didn’t mean that way, honest, honey.”
 Half the fun of SSS is seeing comments on excerpts of your own work, but the other fun part is seeing the other snippets. There’s a fair amount of romance in the excerpts though several are not typical at all! There’s really something to please every reading taste.

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  1. Oops, he definitely did step in it! Looking forward to seeing how he gets out of it :)

  2. This snippet feels very organic. Very well done.

  3. Haha! Neal just did it again. Stepped in a big pile of doodoo. Good visual on the chest with her finger. Hmm, wonder if this is going to get worked out, or escalate?? ;-) Great sic, Owly!

  4. Oh, poor Neal. His intentions are good. Nice six! :)