Cast of characters

Neal Cory – member of the street gang Mi Familia (also called MF) when he met Sandy, whom he took hostage. Eventually co-founded, with Sandy, a non-profit organization (see below). While in the gang, he was known as Razor

Sandy Delling – member of the rock band Sylvyr Star

Lennie Barrett, Eric Ritter, Brian Morel – members of the rock band Sylvyr Star

Coyote – leader of Mi Familia

Trist Reyes – Coyote’s woman, with whom Neal had a love/hate relationship

Laurie Prince – one of Sophie’s backup singers; Neal's lover until her death in Santa Ana fire

Sophie Linn – member of the rock bands Xenith and Obsession; Sandy’s girlfriend after he tours with her

Lola Rodriguez Cory – Neal’s mother

Tony Esteban – Neal's biological father

Alex Rivera – Neal’s half-brother; Tony’s son

Marisol Rivera – Neal’s half-sister; Tony’s daughter

April Danvers – Sandy’s childhood friend; in love with Sandy for years, she can’t return Neal’s growing affection after Laurie’s death

Canción de Vida/Song of Life - the non-profit organization co-founded by Neal and Sandy aimed at helping kids stay away from gangs and drugs through learning to play music in groups.