Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors 7/27/14: It sure looked like you destroyed him!

How did it get to be late July already? I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I’m quite over last winter :-/ We may have a stormy Sunday morning here in Western New York though that’s great WeWriWa weather :-D Pick some luscious fruit without ever leaving home, because we have some tasty story excerpts right here.

My first-draft story tentatively entitled Night Shift left off HERE with Devorah having belted Kazimir for destroying the demon Thaumiel after Kaz said he wouldn’t. Thaumiel had taunted Devorah with a clue about how her dad died and she wanted him alive so she could find out more. Kaz has returned to human form but he’s weakened, plus he took a dagger in the leg only a few minutes before this part of the scene.

Adrael is the angel liaison Devorah and Kaz have been working with. Collected excerpts for this story are here.
With a loud groan, he rolled away from me then sat up to lean over his thigh, both hands pressed over the dagger wound. “Adrael’s got him,” he wheezed.
“Adrael—what? What do you mean?”
“I didn’t destroy him, angels got him.”
“But the dagger--I saw you!” I dropped to a seat on the cold ground; what game was he trying now?
“Fuck it, I didn’t destroy him, the dagger has to strike his eye to do that.”
“Oh . . .” My cheeks flamed. It sure had looked destructive to me.
Every friendship has misunderstandings ;-) I’m having to re-work the plot so I don’t know how many of these scenes will make it into the next draft, but certainly some will. Thanks so much for your encouragement, it means a lot :-)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors: 7/13/14 I'm no shrinking violet!

Hello all. Because I’ve been getting such great comments on my WIP novel (tentatively entitled Night Shift) I’m continuing immediately from last week’s post. Important to know for this week’s excerpt: The demon Thaumiel said something quite unexpected about Devorah’s father, so Devorah stopped Kazimir from destroying him. But then Kaz drove the dagger into Thaumiel anyway, the building they were in began to collapse, and Kaz (in demon form) grabbed Devorah and flew out of the building. 

She realizes they’ve landed in the woods well behind the building which is now showing flames. Two more important things to know: the collapsed building is the synagogue where Devorah sometimes went with her mom so it means a lot to her; and, Kaz is always weaker in human form because his demon persona uses a lot of energy. Oh and, just before they left the synagogue, Devorah flung herself against Kaz to stop him from destroying Thaumiel and Kaz’s dagger struck his own leg. That’s minor in demon form but in human form, a bit more serious :-) Collected excerpts for this story are here

The only sound was our own breathing; through the trees, a yellow-orange glow silhouetted the crumbled heap of the synagogue. I sat up, gritted my teeth, and threw a punch at Kazimir’s face as hard as I could.

A split second before it connected I realized he’d changed from his demon form back to human, but I couldn’t stop the train. My hand felt like it broke apart and I yelped. Kazimir’s head swung to the side; he collapsed.  

Just as well. I cradled my throbbing hand. I hope you wake up with one motherfucking headache!

Ouch! Our Devorah has a mean streak :-) Thanks so much for coming by! I love and appreciate your comments. For more excerpts from truly talented writers, be sure to visit the Weekend Writing Warriors homepage -- prepare to be amazed, swept away, pulled to the edge of your seat, and engulfed by LOLing … or is that L-ingOL? Acronyms have limitations! I hope your coming week is a happy one.