Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HELP THE ELF: I Found Santa’s Missing Nice List!

Hi everyone! As you may remember, a few weeks ago PETE the Elf had a touch too much Eggnog at the Holiday Christmas Party and as he stumbled home, he lost Santa's NICE LIST.

The North Wind scattered the papers to all four corners of the world, and The Bookshelf Muse put out a call to help find them in order to SAVE CHRISTMAS.

Ever since I read about it, I've been on the lookout. And then today, EUREKA!

Yes that's right...I found part of Santa's missing NICE LIST. There it was, fluttering in the wind, half caught under the corner of my welcome mat. And shock of all shocks, I recognized the name, and you might too.

Here it is below:

NAME: Teresa Cypher

LOCATION: western Pennsylvania



OBSERVATIONS: Teresa offers honest opinions as a critiquer and she's never mean about it. She's a writer with a gift for evocative phrases. She lets friends know she appreciates them, she has a sparkly outlook on life, and I'm convinced it's no accident that we became friends.

She bakes and donates gingerbread houses to her local hospice and to kids at local victims' shelters--I kind of think that wipes out that 7% Naughty, Santa.

She helped pull me out of a dark place and helped give me back my confidence as a writer.

Teresa, there's no way to properly thank you for that priceless gift, but I hope you enjoy the token I sent to your inbox.

RECOMMENDATION:     a) Coal                   b) Gift

~ ~ * ~ ~

Because poor Pete is dashing all over the place trying to hunt down the rest of Santa's missing Nice List, I decided to take care of this one myself. Teresa, I feel so blessed to know you! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

 How about you, Readers? Is there someone you'd like to say Happy Holidays to, or tell them how much they mean to you? JOIN US! There's plenty of days left until Christmas, and sometimes a kind word can lift people up in a way that they really need. It's as easy as sending a free ecard or email note, posting on a Facebook wall or sending out a tweet. So go ahead and spread some kindness and cheer!
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  1. Congratulations to Teresa for being a good girl. Happy HOlidays. :)

    1. Thanks, Al! This is such an awesome thing that bloggers are doing! :-)

  2. CONGRATS to Teresa for being on Santa's nice list!

  3. Wow, go Teresa! See, this is one of the best parts of doing something like this--hearing about all the wonderful things people do for us.

    Pete sends a HUGE thank you for saving his elfin butt over the whole Nice List debacle. He's laying off the nog next year!

    Thanks so much for joining in and making this vent so great! Have a wonderful Christmas!!


    1. Thanks, Angela! This is such an incredible thing--I love it! With so many bad things in the world, one never knows how much difference a kind word, a smile, a helping hand can make. Awesome!

  4. Awe! I am teary-eyed! I've been so busy, and just tonight made my way here while trying to catch up on things.

    Marcia--I am so touched. I'm without words, except to say, it takes being a good friend to have a good friend--and that works both directions.

    A big hug and much love to you, dear girl! :-)

    1. heehee! You are so very welcome. People need to hear "thank you" much more often in this world. :D :D