Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors 4/13/14: I've found my power place

Continuing with my NaNo story tentatively title Night Shift. It's still on Draft One and I don't have an ending for it yet, but plan to reach that by summer. Background for this excerpt: Kazimir leads Devorah through a guided meditation focusing on the element she’s aligned with, water. She’s able to easily visualize her favorite area of lakeshore and see herself walking on the sand. This excerpt is just a bit about her experience during the meditation.

The setting sun threw my long shadow onto the waves. The moon rose across the water, full and glorious, making white diamonds sparkle among the long waves. I sat down and let the water creep up to me, touch me light as a whisper, then draw back. Its quiet laughter as it ran forward then back again made me smile. Clouds blew across the moon and a drizzle began to fall, but rather than give me a chill, it seemed to warm me. The urge to dance took me; I swirled around, in and out of the waves. The rain on my skin felt like butterfly wings.  Finally I stopped, my feet in the waves, my hands held up to the rain, and a deep sense of peace filling me.

Collected excerpts for this story are here. Come join us on our merry blog hop at Weekend Writing Warriors - I guarantee more than one story will grab you! If you like romance, you’ll find plenty; if you lean toward sci fi, we have some of that too. Think you’d like to be part of all this writerly fun? The linky list is posted every Monday morning US Eastern time, and you have until that following Saturday at midnight to sign up. Then be sure your *8 sentence* excerpt is live on your blog by 9 am Eastern time. Easy peasy!

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Photo: Testing out the waters, Droidicus, flikr CC

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors 4/6/14 - Not sure I want to be alone with you anymore

Got some time this fine Sunday morning? Go on a Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop – it’s less strenuous than a hike but a whole lot more fun! You can visit other planets, other countries here on Earth, even other times, and be back well before lunch J

Continuing with my NaNo story tentatively title Night Shift, Kazimir has a bit of fun in this excerpt. In the last couple of snippets, Devorah had a close encounter with an ugly demon and very nearly got a first-hand look at what hell is like. Kazimir came by her house later to see if she was all right. She agreed to let him teach her some simple protective “magic” but begs off doing anything that night as she’s exhausted. Kaz speaks first here.

Collected excerpts for this story are here. Adrael is an angel. Crossers are demons who work undercover for the forces of Light.
“You’ll be safe enough tonight so I’ll be back around nine-ish tomorrow morning.” 

“I don’t feel safe; would I look like a weakling if I asked Adrael to hang around?” 

Kazimir’s face fell and he said, “You don’t think I can protect you?” 

“That’s not it, you’d blow your cover if any demons ran into you. If you weren’t a Crosser, you wouldn’t be casually hanging around here.”

His grin made my skin crawl. “That’s true, I wouldn’t.” He leaned close and whispered, “I’d ravish you until you begged me to stop. And Adrael’s been here the last two nights.”
Including Devorah’s response would have pushed the excerpt well over 8 sentences, but she has the thought that if she’d been wearing stilettos, she’d have perforated his foot J

Happy Spring to everybody! Hope the weather is cooperating, wherever you live. Do hop back to the WeWriWa home page for more excerpts. I’m probably hopping back and forth as you read this! Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors 3/30/14: Don't let a lil ol' demon scare you!

Hello again, peeps! It’s that day of the week again, #8sunday, where the Weekend Writing Warriors get together and post 8 sentences from a work in progress or something already published. If it’s cold in your part of the world, get a steaming mug of your favorite brew and curl up on the sofa with a good blog hop. If it’s warm in your part of the world, send me some, pleeeeez!

Collected excerpts for this story are here. Last week, Devorah had a near miss with an ugly demon. The following day, who should come knocking at her door to find out how she’s feeling, but Kazimir. That close encounter with the demon has Devorah about to back off from agreeing to join Kaz’s group of Crossers. Kaz tries to talk her out of walking away. He speaks first here.
“Devorah, I can teach you some things that will help you be stronger. I told you I’d do everything I could to help you, and I meant it. A lot of knowledge is barred until you pass initiation but there are things you can learn. Think of me as the Dark side’s Yoda.” 

I tried not to laugh but I did. “Just don’t start talking backwards, because I’ve got enough to handle figuring out what Adrael says.” 

“And he’s improved over the years. Will you try it?” 

Those sincere brown eyes might be the death of me.
As a reminder, this story is still in Draft One, tentatively titled Night Shift. It will probably go through several versions by the time I consider it “done” but the basic ideas and character personalities will stay. I’m having a lot of fun with this one, I hope you’re enjoying these excerpts J

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors 3/23/14

Hello again, fellow blog hoppers and anyone else who wanders in. I’m posting from my WIP tentatively titled Night Shift, which is still in Draft One. You can read previous excerpts here. I’m picking up directly from last week’s post, in which Devorah found herself face to face with a demon out in the woods, grateful that the angel Adrael has appeared to protectively wrap his arms around her. The first speaker here is the demon Thaumiel.
“Who dares deny me?” The voice in my head echoed and seemed to fill me right to my feet.

Adrael answered, “My companions and I deny you, as servants of the Light. Go back to the Night, you have no claim on this soul.”

A white glow spread from behind us and the demon snatched its hand back; the fire at its back climbed higher. “I remember you, angelwe will meet again.” The demon shot upward in a shower of fire and sparks.

Despite something pale and soft that covered me, I started coughing as the smell of burning evergreen filled my nostrils and throat; unable to get any clean air into my lungs, I passed out.
Hope that bit of suspense grabbed you! If not, well, this is only Draft One, plenty of time to improve J Be sure to hop back to WeWriWa to find a story you’ll love; or several, I certainly have! Thanks so much for dropping in. I enjoy having company J