Sunday, October 21, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #26

In today’s excerpt, Neal’s been called up to the front of the crowd gathered for Sandy and Sophie’s wedding to perform a song as a gift to the couple. He’s nervous about playing in front of his best friend (Sandy, who taught him to play drums) and the A-list celebrities in the crowd. Neal’s also dealing with unresolved feelings for Sophie. He’s seated himself on the keyboard bench with his acoustic guitar, named Lucita, and addresses himself to the bride and groom.

“You guys defy description in either English or Spanish, so this will fall short, but here goes. I wrote the lyrics and Eric helped with the music. He also helped me record this properly for ya.”
“Aww, so sweet.” Sophie’s purry voice was just loud enough to hear.
He adjusted himself on the bench, adjusted Lucita, and paid close attention to how he moved his fingers on the opening chord.

 If you’re not familiar with Six Sentence Sunday, it’s a bloghop, and a pretty friendly group participates. You post six sentences of your writing then hop from blog to blog, sharing encouragement and the occasional critique comments. It’s a fun, informative and reliable way to meet other writers. Complete rules and a sign up form are at the site here.


  1. Great show of him preparing to play! :)

    1. :) Neal's usually pretty clear for me so I just have to pay attention to what I'm seeing in my head (and clean up the first draft !)

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  3. Your writing style for this six is nice and steady. It makes for enjoyable reading.

  4. Often I just want to hug Neal! I love these insights into him and his different moments in your story!