Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #25

Am taking care of my extremely arthritic pet bunny Smokey and shuttling him to the vet's every day this week for treatment, so never thought to officially sign up for this week's SSS--sorry about that. But here it is anyway.
Still at Sandy and Sophie's wedding. Lucita is Neal’s acoustic guitar, named to honor B.B. King’s Lucille. Aaron is Neal’s guitar tech. Part way through the wedding ceremony, Lennie, who’s in the same band as Neal but for much longer, does a flawless keyboard rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings”. That doesn’t help Neal’s nerves. The guests are mostly celebrities on a level with people like U2, Ringo, Mickey Hart, and Bon Jovi.
The entire scene is in Neal’s POV.

Aaron crept up in the aisle beside Neal, holding Lucita. “You’ll be terrific, you can play this in your sleep.”
“Yeah, but it’s a fitful sleep.”
Neal’s heart pounded when he heard his name announced. He tried not to glance at Sophie on his way to the front of the tent, then settled himself on the keyboard bench. Lucita would be perfectly tuned, but he checked anyway.

  Sorry this all is so short. Visit the SSS website to read excerpts from other great writers, and maybe sign up yourself come Tuesday. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I hope to be back on something like a normal schedule in the next few days :D


  1. Oh, I want to hug him to calm his nerves. Great six!

    And I hope Smokey is doing better.

  2. aww thanks Jessica. Neal will happily accept any hugs a woman wants to offer! J

    I'll tell Smokey you're thinking about him. We both appreciate that.

  3. I always find Neal so endearing! Love the fitful sleep line...

  4. Appreciate it, Angela.

    Neal thinks it's pretty funny that you find him endearing!

  5. I hope Smokey's doing okay, Marcia. This snippet is good--the flow is nice and smooth. But, the tension is palpable--stage fright :-) lol... Great six :-)

  6. I'm so sorry about Smokey. I hope pain medication helps. The hardest thing about having and loving pets is watching them get older. Teresa's right, the tension in this scene is great. Well done :)

  7. Thanks so much ladies. I appreciate the compliments on the writing and the thoughts for Smokey. Sorry I'm so late replying!!