Monday, October 8, 2012

WIP blog hop: Cloverpuff interviews Neal

A neat idea from Critique Circle - the Character Blog Hop. 
Hello everybody! I'm Cloverpuff, the dimension-hopping rabbit. I'll be popping by your novels this week, asking your characters these questions:

What's your name? Ha! A rabbit! Man, I haven’t touched acid in a long time so it must be the tequila!

[Cloverpuff thumps her really big back feet, shaking the floor.] If you don’t mind, kindly stick to answering my questions.

Oh, a mean one too. All right. I’m Neal Rodríguez. I’m using my mother’s maiden name now.

What were you doing when I came in? Practicing acoustic guitar. Learning drums seemed easier but guitar exercises are more fun.

If I told you you had to do some spring cleaning right away, what would you throw out? The first eighteen years of my life. No, wait, there was some good stuff in there. There’s a couple more recent memories that need to go.

Look deep into my eyes... Do you have any secrets you'd like to confess? Why should I confess anything to a rabbit?
Madre de Dios, settle down. All right. I want to kill Tony. Everybody in the band thinks I’ve changed my mind about that but I haven’t.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Ha! That’s complicated. Let’s just say I’d change my aversion to Japanese food.

And what do you like most about yourself? That I’m alive. There was a time when I didn’t know if I’d see the sun rise. There was a time I didn’t want to see it rise. So right now, I love almost everything.

Is there anyone you really, really hate? Come on, you can tell me! Oh it’s no secret. Tony. My hatred for him redefines the term.

Imagine it's a typical Saturday afternoon. What are you doing? I don’t do typical. I could be practicing guitar, dueling drums with Sandy, writing songs, trying to make sense out of a business meeting for the charity me and Sandy started, doing a public program for the charity, spending quality time with my girlfriend, laying half-dead in a dark room with a migraine, and if the band is getting ready to record or tour, that opens up another bunch of possibilities.

What's your strongest childhood memory? It can be good or bad. Huh. It’s a tie between the time I realized my mother had disappeared for good, and the first time I got laid.

Well, thank you for your time! Before I head on back to my dimension, can you complete this sentence for me? If I could be a domestic appliance, any appliance, I'd be a... Damn. Since I quit all the serious stuff except tequila, I drink a lot of coffee and can’t make it right no matter what I do. So I’d be some kind of coffee machine that does everything, including knowing how much coffee to use. Or maybe a mixing console, does that count? I’d love to have music physically running through my innards like that.

Now I'll hop on over to ... Kelly Walker Writes and Storm Clouds over Tivara.


  1. Hi Marcia! Wow, Neal sure sounds like he has issues. ;-) I hope he can work around them. Good job!

  2. Neal sounds so vivid! I especially loved his answer to the spring cleaning question.

  3. Hi Nadine and Kelly. Glad you enjoyed the post. Of course Neal has issues! That's *why* he's vivid :D

  4. I like your characterization. Neal seems like a real lively guy. :D