Sunday, October 7, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #24

 [apparently this failed to post as scheduled earlier this morning. sorry about that]

From Neal’s POV. Sophie and Sandy now stand before the minister and the ceremony is about to start. Neal gets sarcastic because he can’t forget the one-night-stand he and Sophie had, and also because he misses Laurie, his first true and deep love who died a few years earlier.  
Look at them, both in gleaming white like frigging angels. The moon must be up to watch the harmonic convergence. God probably pulled up a cloud to watch. No, there couldn’t be any clouds today. These two even made God stand. Shit. 

 Six Sentence Sunday is a totally fun blog hop. You sign up here and post a few sentences from your own work, and come Sunday, spend a while traveling all around the globe -- and the universe! -- reading and commenting on excerpts from some pretty talented people. It's writer candy :D


  1. I like the imagery and the emotion a lot. Super Six!

  2. Nice six! With the way Neal's behaving, this must've been some one night stand he had.

  3. You did an excellent job catching his bitterness and hinting at some of the hurt I suspect he feels. Fantastic six!

  4. Thank you, ladies.

    Yeah, things were pretty messed up the time Neal got together with Sophie. His mood improves as the scene continues though; April has something to do with that J