Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors 10/19/14: You're stuck with me

Good morning peeps, or afternoon, or evening, wherever you are! Welcome to my post for Weekend Writing Warriors. For the next week or two I’m going to stay in the current chapter for my paranormal story tentatively titled Night Shift. Devorah and Kazimir are still sitting in the wooded area well behind the burning synagogue. She’s trying to get her head around Kazimir’s insistence that she disappear from her old life in order to join the Crossers, the group of demons who also work for the Light. Collected excerpts for this story are here

She asks Kaz where he expects her to go if she can’t return home. Adrael is the angel they’ve talked with before; he’s their liaison with the Light. I have edited this to fit WeWriWa’s guidelines of no more than 8 sentences, so if anything doesn’t read quite right, that’s why.

Kazimir cleared his throat then said quietly, “Well . . . you’d stay with me.”  

I got to my feet, set my hands on my hips and snarled,  “How convenient, I should have seen that coming.”  

He rested his arms across his knees. “Everybody thinks I always have an ulterior motive. I’m the only person you can stay with, sunshine. I don’t know anybody else trustworthy because Crossers don’t generally interact with each other outside of training to avoid drawing attention to ourselves. The angels strongly prefer that neophytes don’t drift from teacher to teacher because, again, that might draw attention. So unless you want to see if Adrael has room on his cloud, you’re stuck with me.”  
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  1. In earlier excerpts from this story I got the impression that Kaz was more "other-worldly"... I like him more in this snippet, he seems so human. Great snippet.

  2. Great 8! Loved the spunk in this :)

  3. Well, doesn't he have a bit of attitude! Great eight!

  4. I hope Devorah doesn't mind hanging with Kaz...wonder what her alternative would be? Nice snippet!

  5. Oh how I LOVE this snippet. I'll go with Kaz if she doesn't.

  6. Sounds logical...but why do I feel like he still has an ulterior motive LOL? Great excerpt!

  7. Chelle, he does have his more human moments. He is a demon but as a Crosser, he has a, maybe not softer side, but a more human side.

    Nicolette, thanks very much!

    Christina, that's an understatement ;-)

    Frank, she doesn't really have an alternative except to not join the Crosser group. That's tempting but then she wouldn't get answers about her dad's death.

  8. Charmaine, I'm tickled to hear you say that! :D Thanks!

    Veronica, does he or doesn't he? ;-) It's great to "see" you BTW.

    Sue Ann, it could be. Maybe he's got something up his sleeve. Or not. And I'm so glad you feel well enough to go blog hopping!

  9. I admire those of you who can create new worlds with their own rules.