Saturday, November 1, 2014

NaNo rebelling 2014

Hi peeps. Who's doing NaNo? I've signed on as a rebel this year to finish my outline for Night Shift and hopefully get a solid start on writing chapters. Still doing a bit of research. It's challenging for a host of reasons.

For one thing, have you ever tried to research the initiation of Babylonian priests? I mean, there's not much out there accessible to paeons like me.  I get a lot of "Professor So-and-so wrote extensively on this in 1895" without a clue as to what or where he wrote. Or I'll find article and author names but can't track down the article itself.

Reason I want to do research is that my demons and angels are not meant to be representative of any one religion. The idea is that most religions have picked up on parts of the truth, so the angels will have aspects familiar to Christians, Jews, Moslems, whoever. At least, that's the idea. Plus, many of the demons have their origins in Sumerian or Babylonian civilization so I'm trying to use some names from those mythologies.

How did James Michener get started researching his tomes, I wonder? I suppose he just knew people who knew things. *sigh*

Currently, I'm working on how to get a group of demons into the angelic realm. I hesitate to call it "heaven" because the word is so strongly associated with Christianity. Normally demons can't enter holy places so I need a way for them to protect themselves while doing what they went there for.

By the time the novel ends, half of humanity may be in ruins :-) I'm having fun pushing myself beyond logical lines of thought. It's all well and good to have an orderly home and workplace, and it's great to be organized enough to hit that 50k mark in NaNo, but too much expectation of logic and creativity suffers. Rather than saying "Well I've already established that demons can't enter holy places so I guess they won't be able to assault the angelic realm", I'm working around that roadblock.

Here's to people being creative, whether they're trying for that shiny winners badge or just trying to make themselves happy. *raises glass*

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