Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors 2/02/14

Well well, it’s finally February! I am *so* excited to leave January behind! Not just because so much of the U.S. had such terrible weather--and it was terrible, some people lost their lives in the blizzards and extreme cold--but the good news is that Weekend Writing Warriors turns one year old! :) Having recently gathered a bunch of comments from you, our wonderful readers/participants, we are thinking about some kind of celebration. Stay tuned to the WeWriWa main page!

On to my sentences. This scene has kind of come full circle, because immediately following last week's excerpt would come the part I posted as my first snippet from this story (working title Night Shift) here back in November. 

So--Devorah has left Kazimir on the floor in her entryway, where the angels healed him. Feeling a bit guilty over shooting Kaz, she brought him a pillow and a throw from the sofa. The next morning, she finds him sitting up and in the middle of reciting what sounds like a prayer. She starts to leave but he calls her. She apologizes for shooting him. [Creative punctuation is in use ;-) I’m sorry for running over the limit a little, but I condensed as much as I could without losing important parts.] 
“I was hoping you’d shoot me,” Kazimir said. 
I came all the way down the stairs. “What?”
“I wanted you to go into your own Dark side; I needed you to see that anger and hatred can drive even you to do demonic things.” 
“You . . . egged me on to make me shoot you? I could’ve killed you, and you manipulated me!” 
“Yeah, and yeah. You almost did kill me, but then you asked Adrael to help me--there’s no way I’d be completely healed by now without his help.”
I didn’t know what to make of him; he pushed me to shoot him, knowing I could have sent that bullet into his head as easily as his leg. “Selfless, or just determined to prove you’re right about me?” 
“What’s the point of being right if I’m dead? Everybody’s got a price--you get it now?”
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  1. Very risky and a dangerous game to play. No wonder Devorah is confused! Tense exchange.

  2. More and more interesting. And a dangerous game to play. What happens next?

    1. Hi Charmaine. Well that's the question, isn't it?

  3. I had a feeling he was encouraging her to shoot him, so very interesting. High stakes here! Another excellent excerpt, much for her to think about.

  4. Oh Marcia, that's such a great story. I'm guessing that pushing her to shoot him not only is a test of character, but that there's much more at stake for him to see what Devorah is really made of. Liking this story more and more. :)

  5. Seems like an extreme way to get someone to reveal their soul, but there's no denying the effectiveness. You're doing a great job with this story.

  6. I'm not sure what he's trying to prove, but it seems she isn't either.

  7. Nice! Risky, but it worked. Love the psychology he used!

    One thing I noticed. "I came all the way down the stairs." I know I'm judging with limited context, so I could be way off base. If so, ignore me :-) Do you mean that she was part way down, and she finished coming own the stairs?

    Could it read that she came down the last few stairs until she stood next to him?

    It felt clunky, or just odd to me.

    I really like this story!

  8. I find the complexities of the good vs evil fascinating in this story. And he was definitely playing with her head in regards to that. Great snippet Marcia!

    The Murders of Polly Frisch

  9. Marvelous way that he points out the good and evil in everyone. Feels very real.

  10. Whoa there, that's some serious head games. This is so've got my head reeling. Poor girl, if I can feel for her.