Saturday, December 14, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors 12/15/13

I can't thank you guys enough for the encouraging comments you leave me every week. I'm so blessed :-) I'm collecting all the excerpts for my story Night Shift so everybody can follow what's going on.

Here, I pick up a few lines after last week's snippet. Devorah is the POV character. Creative sentence structure is in use!
Kazimir kissed my forehead then scrambled to his feet; he hung his head and shuffled several steps away. 

Now what? "I thought you were happy."

"Well, I was, but I'm about to make you majorly pissed and I'm not happy about that."

I huffed a sigh in exasperation and asked, "What are you talking about?" 

He stopped, facing away from me.  His hair hung in a ponytail halfway down his back; I hadn't realized it was that long. Stuffing both hands into his jeans pockets, he turned back toward me looking so broken up I thought he might cry. What in the world could be so awful?
Wouldn't you like to know!

Be sure to visit the Weekend Writing Warriors homepage for snippets from some pretty cool writers. I'm pretty picky about what I read and I've found several stories I can't wait to see more of every week. We range from lighthearted and romantic to sci fi and historical. It's like being in a library, only better, cause you get to interact with the authors!


  1. Um hello, cliffhanger!!! I'm thoroughly intrigued and NEED to know what he's about to the detail about his hair. Great snippet!

  2. Something about her father's death, I bet.

  3. @Sue Ann Bowling

    Hi Sue Ann. Well, maybe, and maybe not :)

  4. @Veronica Scott

    :D Hey hi. I'm so glad you like these bits, Veronica!

  5. @Karen Michelle Nutt

    Come by next week, there might be an explanation :)

  6. Definitely want to know what he feels so "guilty" about.

  7. @Chelle Cordero

    Hey Chelle. I'm glad I've got you curious!

  8. Ok, that stinks. First it looks like everything is going great and now he has to go and confess something? Or share bad news, or whatever that is obviously a total mood killer. No fair! Well done, Marcia!

  9. @Kate Warren

    Thanks Kate. Will we find out what's eating at him??