Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas

My laptop recently blew up (well close to) and I found myself with just an iPad. I've saved a lot of my writing and related docs to Google Drive, but an iPad is just not meant for lots of typing even with a bluetooth keyboard. I'm also still job hunting so I don't have the money to replace the laptop.

I went on to one of the writing sites I belong just to cry on the shoulders of other writers, because I knew they'd understand my pain. I got a bunch of sympathy and believe me, it helps! One lovely writer offered to send me her old mini laptop, complete with Microsoft Word and Excel (both 2010) and a small mouse. For free. Because I found myself unexpectedly without a good tool for writing and she had one to spare. It arrived two days ago, and I'm so grateful that I wanted to share the story with you peeps.

It's times like this that make me so proud and humble to be part of this community. I feel like once my first book is published, I should simply dedicate it to writers everywhere because we are all bound together. We do not stand alone like we used to. Nowadays we link arms and hearts much more strongly. I simply couldn't function as a true writer without this whole community.

There's my Christmas miracle.

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Transcend … Purify … Glorious



Sanctus kyrie 

Kyrie gloria 

Gloria holy, holy




  1. that is awesome. glad you can continue writing and wishing you luck on the job search

  2. Hey Michelle, thanks so much. I really appreciate that!