Saturday, November 2, 2013

No post, no luck :(

Peeps, thank you SO much for all your wonderful comments. My laptop's currently in the shop and I am seriously struggling with Blogger's iPad app. I've seldom been so frustrated. I hope to post again by Nov. 9th. 

And btw, NaNo-ing on an iPad without a separate keyboard is also frustrating. And my hockey team sucks. And it's almost winter. *sigh* 

I need an upside somewhere here!

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  1. I gotta apologize to the peeps I regularly visit and comment on every Sunday. It's just not working with this iPad. Some places I can't type anything in the comment box, some places the whole screen won't hold still, it's just a mess. So I'm really sorry I can't comment right now, but will hit you guys when my darling laptop is home again.