Friday, August 9, 2013

Dream until your dream comes true

Today I was let go from my temp job. They have very high standards for accuracy and the short story is, I understand why they let me go, though I do not understand why they waited until I’d left the office to call me and tell me. Being outdoors, I didn’t hear my phone ring inside my purse, and consequently didn’t know about it until about an hour and a half later.

I don’t have another job ready and have no clue if any temp agency will have something for me while I’m once again combing online job ads.

But don’t feel too sorry for me. The Universe has prodded me again. See, my rock novel follows me around like a shy puppy. It pops out unexpectedly from around corners, waves, grins a silly ear-to-ear grin, then disappears. I used to think this was the Universe reminding me that if I was going to write a novel, It had already given me the plot idea and now it was up to me to actually write it.

I think it’s stronger than that, in fact. I think the Universe is reminding me that writing is my singular purpose in life. Every time I hear about musicians who “made it”, I hear echoes of my own life. I fell in love with writing at a pretty young age, I didn’t miss doing other things if I could read and/or write, I got so obsessed with words that one year in high school, I spent my free periods reading the unabridged dictionary. No, really--*reading* it.

I don’t have the tenacity (or talent!) to do anything musically, though that’s a love that comes in a close second to writing. I have this funky twosome going on. Writing . . . that’s what makes me tick, that’s what fills my soul and pours out, just like musicians who never gave up because their music is what they need to live.

Kind of too bad I’m not independently wealthy, so I could devote more time to the dream. Still, it’s the only thing that feels *real* to me. I’m going to take Santana’s advice: don’t listen to the loud voices in your head that say you aren’t good enough, listen to the quiet one that says “this is what you are, go out there and do it.”

Gonna do that, peeps. Am gonna write every day, am gonna slay this bad boy of a novel! I may not make it to superstar status, but the important thing is to write it and set it free in the world. Hope to have you along, I’ve been very much enjoying getting to know some of you :-D


  1. I'm coming along! I so want to be able to say, "I knew Marcia when..." :-)

    I know you can do it! And whatever I can do to help, I'm here. :-)

    1. *laff* That's wonderful news, Rees. That means so much to me.

      Oh dear, you might be picking up some dirt on me, though! lol!

  2. I'm a late bloomer but I too have taken a vow to write something every day after a recent 'kick' up the rear.

    Must go and do it now.

    1. Good for you, Bob. Keep the faith! :D