Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WeWriWa's launch contest!

Would you like to win a PDF of of The Emotion Thesaurus??

On February 3rd, over at Weekend Writing Warriors, one lucky participant from our linky list will win that very prize, very generously donated by the fabulous ladies at The Bookshelf Muse!

WeWriWa is a brand new Sunday blog hop. You sign up on the linky list, post no more than 8 sentences from one of your works, and visit other participants on the list. There's no end to the fun when a bunch of writers get together to share short excerpts from their writing. Romance is a popular genre here but believe me, even those snippets are not all traditional :D

We've already got 30+ peeps signed up at the site -- are you next?

What I love about something like this is how it forces me to be concise. It's why you hear advice to study playwriting or movie writing: when you're backed into a corner, so to speak, you find out what's really necessary to say.

I wrapped up the scene I was using for Six Sentence Sunday when that marvelous blog hop came to an end, so now I'll be pulling excerpts from the novel itself. Who knows what cool things may emerge from this exercise!

Really hope you'll come by the WeWriWa site and visit us all. We love company :)


  1. Nice prize. I didn't find this site in tme to particpate this week but hope to next time.

  2. Sherry, we'd love to have you along. I'm constantly amazed at the variety of stories people are working on. Thanks so much for visiting :D