Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #7

Neal stands onstage with his girlfriend April. She’s really nervous being in front of several thousand people, he’s really nervous about what he’s getting ready to ask her. Here, he addresses himself to her though he’s holding a microphone.
“You are the light of my life, the brightest star in my sky. I sure hope this isn’t as lame as the first time.”

He fumbled with the ring in his pocket; a shaking hand did make things difficult. April tilted her head, watching him.

The first time he asked her—it sure didn't seem like only a year ago—he’d gotten down on both knees, she’d reached out, and pushed him over into the sand. Onstage, he wasn’t close enough to the edge to fall off if she did it again, but it would hurt like hell.
Click on the Six Sentence Sunday label and you'll see how this scene began. This is something not intended for the novel but is something I'm having fun with. I love writing even more when the pressure's off!

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As always, to the folks who've come by my little blog today, thanks a million. I love to read your reactions so do give me your impressions :)


  1. LOL, is she really contemplating pushing him off the stage? Oh, la belle dame sans merci!

  2. *laff* Thanks for coming by, Elin! What I love about this guy, personally, is that even though she pushed him over before, he's asking her again :)

  3. Woohoo! Almost! I am really hoping for him! He perseveres. I like this guy. move--staying away from the edge of the stage, lol...just in case. Great six, OL! :-)

  4. LOL I sure hope she doesn't push him this time. That would be mighty embarrassing in front of all those people. Great six! :)

  5. Thanks so much, Teresa and Jessica. I'm so glad you guys are enjoying this!

  6. Hopping over from Angela Quarles's tag . . . wow, really intrigued as to why she said no the first time? Nicely done:)

  7. Hi Jamie, so nice of you to stop by! She said no before because she was smart enough to realize they were both feeling vulnerable. Since then, Neal's realized she was right, and is hoping to show her this time that he knows full well what he's doing.Thanks for asking. J