Sunday, June 3, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday -- #6!

Continuing the scene. This isn't something intended for my novel, just something I'm having fun with: Neal and the band have performed a cover of Chicago’s “I Am Alive Again”—hard rock style—as a hint to his girlfriend of his feelings for her. He stepped up to his microphone to address the crowd and said that since nobody can see any stars inside the arena, maybe the crowd would turn on lighters so the place would be beautiful for his girlfriend. Lighters came on all across the crowd, sprinkling golden stars everywhere. Holding a hand out toward the darkened side of the stage, he asked April to join him.

Finally, through a haze of white light that fell from the overhead truss, she came toward him, hands behind her back. Ah, her clingy red dress swayed as she walked and her curled hair fluttered around her shoulders.

She stopped close to him, her face a mix of fright and curiosity.

He put an arm around her shoulders, turning her toward the crowd. “Look, we’ve got starlight and this white moonlight, just like a secluded beach . . . though that does beg the question of why I’m holding a microphone . . .” A thought skittered through his mind: now for the real show.

Go here to read more excerpts from a whole bunch of talented people. It's a fun idea to post only six sentences.

For those interested in my previous snippets of the same scene, just click on the Six Sentence Sunday label and you'll see 'em all. Thanks to everybody who stopped by today, I really appreciate your time.


  1. Thanks Jessica. He keeps things interesting for me!

  2. I'm really enjoying these and am so hoping things work out here for him! He's putting himself out there big time!

  3. Hi Angela. Thanks so much! He's nervous as hell but he's gonna do it:)

  4. Ahhhh! You are such a tease, Owllady!! lolol...

    Okay, it is beautiful...he is a gushing romantic. And as a reader, it is fun being privy to that side of him.

    I'll be back for the "real show" :-)

    Great six!

  5. aww, thanks Teresa! I get kick out of this side of Neal, too--sometimes even I have to coax it out of him!