Saturday, November 3, 2012

Update 11/03/12

So here I am again, trying to get back into the regular posting routine. I've been off dealing with

* an elderly pet whose arthritis made life very difficult;
* then I had to get him to the vet's office every day for a week for cold laser therapy, made challenging because I didn't have access to a car;
* then because I was stressed out over my bunny, I had no energy to write and got onto a social gaming site to try to relax;
* then I got addicted to the game;
* then I caught a cold;
* then November and NaNo arrived!

...which has made me ask myself very seriously, so are you a writer or a wannabe?

My bunny has stabilized though he still needs some looking after (thanks to those who've offered prayers & virtual hugs) and I feel like I'm coming out of a dim, chilly cave. Maybe not coming out into bright sunshine exactly--especially since the sun has not been out for literally a week--but out into the world again.

I didn't sign up for NaNo but I know a lot of people use it to kickstart stalled projects, and that seems like a fine idea to me. I did have trouble with a scene in chapter twenty-whatever right before bunny's arthritis acted up, but I've got some ideas for it now and need to plow ahead.

I recently posted another chapter to my private queue at Critique Circle and that feels great. I need to get another chapter to my beta reader who is very patient, as well as pick up where I stopped in chapter twenty-whatever.

During October I hardly wrote anything. That's going to change right now because I've invested too much time, blood and sweat into this novel to give up. Social gaming is fun and I get a kick out of seeing how people respond to each other, but that's not going to help me write this thing.

There's no chart or other way to keep track of progress this month. I think just knowing I lost a month will keep me motivated. Here's to November and NaNo--may those of us who have set a goal reach it! J


  1. Things do seem to always hit at once don't they. I'm glad your bunny is feeling better. What kind is it? A good friend of mine raised Lops during her 4-H days.

    I sincerely hope things start to smooth out and you're able to relax and enjoy life.

    Good luck!

    1. Hey Jess, thanks a bunch! I think my bunny is a mix. His name is Smokey because when he was a baby, he was just this little ball of grey smoke. His fur is very fluffy. I had a lop for a while, black and white. Bunnies are Very Neat pets. It's hard to get a clear photo of Smokey, but I'll try again.

      I really appreciate your thoughts. Writers are awesome! I get so much support from various writers who I don't even know well! (hugs)