Sunday, September 30, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #23

Hi everybody. Continuing with the scene of Sandy's wedding, which takes place on a California beach. The entire scene is in Neal's POV. He's feeling a bit morose because he can't seem to forget the one-night-stand he and Sophie had, and because he still misses Laurie, his first true and deep love, who died a few years earlier. Robin and Miranda are the bridesmaids.
Sandy would have Sophie all to himself during the honeymoon.
April squeezed Neal’s hand. He blinked and squeezed back. Having her next to him, especially dressed up so fine, did make him feel special.
Nobody outshone Sophie when she wanted to be the center of attention, but April didn’t need to compete; her solid gold heart was worth more than all of Sophie’s diamonds.
Robin and Miranda took their places up front and to the left, and the music ended.
 Six Sentence Sunday is a blog hop. You sign up at the SSS site, post six sentences from one of your WIPs on your blog, and go from site to site exploring the variety of writing styles and scenes. SSS attracts some pretty talented writers and it's always so much fun to see how creative everybody is.

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  1. These 6 sentences say a lot about all the characters involved. I can't help feeling a bit sorry for Neal... (This is my first 6SS, so that's my first impression!)

  2. I'm glad he can see April as something special, too. Nice six! :)

  3. Thanks everybody. :D

    Stacey, welcome to SSS. I feel a little sorry for him too. One of his biggest flaws is that he can't disentangle himself from attractions to women who aren't available to him. He eventually marries April, but I foresee trouble with that!

  4. Nice complexity Marcia--characters and plot! I'm a little worried about Neal, though. But, I'm sure you can redeem him in the reader's eyes. I'm starting to think that Sandy is just a really good person.'ve got this reader guessing! Great six :-)

    1. Mind you, this whole scene is not intended to be included in the novel. What's missing from this scene is *why* Neal's attracted to Sophie. Yeah, it's partly physical, but it's more than that.

      Laurie was Neal's first true love. She was also one of Sophie's best friends. When Laurie died, Neal and Sophie formed a strictly platonic bond over the loss. Sophie couldn't handle everything surrounding the loss, got hold of some coke and asked Neal if he wanted some to help blunt the pain, and they wound up having sex, once.

      Because Sophie was already Sandy's girlfriend at that point, Neal has since kept away from her. Now that he's at a wedding, Neal's thoughts turn to Laurie and missing everything he had with her, and missing the bond he had with Sophie. (he reminisces more about Laurie in upcoming 6s)

      He's fallen for April and the last thing he would ever do is hurt her; it's just hard to forget his first love and the way Sophie was there for him when his heart was broken.

  5. Talk about an awkward situation. I hope that Neal's able to move past an old moment, and find the connection that's right for him. Excellent six!

    1. I feel bad for Neal myself because his flaws make his life tougher.

      He wouldn't have gone to this wedding except that Sandy is his best friend. Memories have a way of messing with people's minds, sometimes :D