Sunday, August 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #16

Hi everybody, nice to have you back :) This particular scene was started with SSS #14. It picks up from a scene that I included as one of my blog pages, entitled Sandy and Neal before the wedding. This refers to Sandy's wedding to Sophie. It takes place several years before Neal proposes to April.

In the scene, Sandy and Neal have traveled to Crescent City, California--Sandy's hometown. Sandy gets up early the morning of the ceremony and asks Neal to come with him to the beach so he can "settle his head." Neal brings his guitar, which he's planning to use at the ceremony (unbeknownst to Sandy). He's just started guitar lessons so he's not very good yet.

At this point, the two guys have been friends for 10 or 11 years. They're in a rock band together. They spend a short while at the beach then go to Frank's Diner, the local gathering spot. Donna's the waitress.
They polished off some danishes and muffins along with the coffee; Donna seemed to be watching, at least sometimes. When another waitress went past, Neal asked her for a pen. He wrote on a napkin, making sure Sandy couldn’t see.

La Donna who works in the diner
One look from her sends me higher

He signed it and added some flourishes, then folded it and stuck it under the coffee mug.

Go here for more excerpts from a lot of talented writers. I'll be doing my usual round of SSS reading too, so don't sit idle!

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  1. Oh boy, I have a soft spot for guitar players. I don't really know how it fits into the rest of your novel, but in the context of this six, I found his action very sweet. Nice six!

  2. 'preciate it, Jess and Angela.He thinks it's funny that you guys call him *sweet* :)

  3. He is sweet! And don't let him convince you otherwise. LOL Fun six today.

  4. haha! Neal. What a flirt! lolol... I loved his impromptu lyrics on the napkin. Nice six!

  5. Silver, how nice to see you. Teresa, I knew you'd get a kick out of this. He really is a flirt and that sometimes gets him into trouble ;)