Sunday, August 26, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #18

We're back with more from one of the scenes I wrote because I was in a dry spell for the novel itself. It's not intended to be included in the novel, at least not at this point. This excerpt is part of the scene here on my blog entitled Sandy and Neal before the wedding (Sandy's wedding to Sophie).

This scene started with Six Sentence Sunday #14. It takes place several years before Neal proposes to April.

In the scene, Sandy and Neal have traveled to Crescent City, California--Sandy's hometown. Sandy gets up early the morning of the ceremony and asks Neal to come with him to the beach so he can "settle his head." Neal brings his guitar, which he's planning to use at the ceremony (unbeknownst to Sandy). He's just started guitar lessons so he's not very good yet.

At this point, the two guys have been friends for 10 or 11 years. They're in a rock band together. They spend a short while at the beach then go to Frank's Diner, the local gathering spot. Donna's the waitress. The excerpt is in Neal's POV.
“Practice what?” Sandy asked on the way to the door.

“In general, you know how I am about practicing. And damn it, I wouldn’t have guessed this dinky town would be hiding so many mamacitas.”

Donna blew a kiss toward him from the table, where she clutched the napkin he’d written on to her heart.

Sandy said, “I’ll bet you wrote a song, but don’t worry, I’ll forget about it until the moment comes.”

“You’re gonna feel pretty stupid when nothing happens.”
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  1. I really do like the easy dialogue they show. It says a lot about their friendship. Nice, fluid six!

  2. Thanks ladies. These guys are so much fun to write about, I have to cut some banter from the novel itself.

    Happy SSSing, guys!

  3. Hi Owllady, it's me that annoying person from CC. You know, the one who's always procrastinating. *Ahem* Anyway, your characters are so sweet, and I like how they're able to reveal their emotions so freely in this scene. Nice six! :D

  4. lol...yep, it shows that they've known each other a long time. :-) Nice six, Owly!

    1. Hey Teresa, good to see you. I wasn't sure I liked the excerpt after I posted it, but maybe it's not so bad!

  5. Lanise, how nice of you to stop by. And hi to you too, Jess. Neal doesn't always say what he means, even to me ;D