Sunday, May 27, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #5!

Neal could fool himself into believing it was just him and the band and as much of the crowd as he could see, the first seven or eight rows. It was really a good thing he didn’t have the chops to do lead axe yet because doing lead vocal was nerve-wracking enough.

He belted the song out with all the fear, love, and sweat he had. Electricity rippled through his veins. Punches of double bass drums and cymbals thumped in his head and gut. People down in front danced and sang along: I am alive again!
Welcome to my SSS excerpt! Continuing the scene from my previous excerpts: #1, #2, #3 and #4. The scene I'm using for these snippets is not intended for the novel; it's just something I'm having fun with.

Visit Six Sentence Sunday's homepage for a plethora of pieces from other writers. There's truly something for everyone. I like the limit imposed by only six  sentences. I really have to think about my word choices to get the most out of that little bitty piece of scene.

Thanks to everybody who stopped by today, whether you left a comment or not. I like having people drop by so much I'll set out a nice plate of your favorite cyber muffins, tea, and coffee :)


  1. !!! Great six. Dagnabbit...when is he going to ask her???? lol...great tension building in this scene!

    You write as though you are very familiar with performing. And I am enjoying reading this. It gives the feel of being on the "inside"...or a backstage pass...

    Great six :-)

  2. Thanks Teresa, That's exactly the feel I was going for :)

  3. You really have a talent for making me feel like I'm on stage and am Neal, a rock star! Well done!

  4. Aw, thanks so much Angela! That's exactly what I was hoping people would feel!

  5. Wonderful description. Pulled me into the story. :)