Sunday, May 6, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #3!

"She's not crazy," Phil said. "Need anything before you get out there?"

"All the tequila in the world wouldn't help tonight," Neal answered, "but thanks."

He followed Phil to the stage curtains and tried to stand still while Phil fitted the earpieces on for his monitor system.

She wouldn't do that to him--turn him down? Maybe this was a bad idea . . . ah shit, he'd already made up his mind.
Continuing from last week. Neal's in a rock band and getting ready to offer a ring to his girlfriend onstage, if she'll come out from the wings.

Read excerpts from other people's WIPs here. It's a great way to sample other writers' works and maybe make some new friends.

Anybody who stops by to read my excerpt--thanks for coming! Comments are always appreciated.


  1. Great emotional six! Good luck, Neal!

  2. Thanks Karyn.These characters give me a lot to work with & I never get tired of them.

  3. Aw, poor guy! Please tell me you'll continue with this for next week? We gotta know her answer! Once again, you do such a great job characterizing Neal in just a short amount of time...

  4. Okay! I am going to look back through your posts to see if he is proposing marriage...or a date...or...or... lol... I love this. Great display of emotions. Doubt--then what the hell...he's going for it. I have only read this a couple weeks, and I am already pulling for Neal. Good job--via the six, you have readers emotionally invested. Excellent :-)

  5. This sounds like a fun that he's going to propose on stage...hope it goes well!