Saturday, December 31, 2011

Scene, Sandy and Sophie recording, pt 5

This scene takes places somewhere in the middle of Street Glass, so the year would be '89 or '90. As currently written, this scene is not intended to be included in the novel. Its purpose is to practice writing, explore the earliest beginnings of Sandy and Sophie’s relationship, explore a bit of her relationship with Adam, and have some fun that wouldn’t be appropriate for the novel. As everything is in this novel, the scene is in close third POV.

The term “track” is sometimes used here as a synonym for the verb “record.” The term “cans” is used as a synonym for “headset.” Lennie is producer as well as engineer for Sandy’s song, with only Neal assisting him; that’s why I don’t mention anyone else. The
term “studio” can be a bit confusing. Used here, it refers to the specific room that the artist stands in to sing or play, not a building. If anything else confuses you, drop me a comment.
She matched his tempo perfectly. It was like they’d rehearsed this lots of times. Sandy had no idea how she could anticipate him that closely, but somehow it didn’t seem odd. In his cans, the bass line thrummed a muted heartbeat.

You took my broken soul
You picked up my shattered heart
You showed me how to fly
Giving in was never hard

Yeah it was more than healing
Well in your eyes I can see
The light of the universe
Your love has set me free

In between cascades of pealing Rickenbacker notes, Sophie slipped in an occasional "ooo" as gentle as a dove. Sandy didn't have an urge to add anything of his own; her small improv enhanced the song's energy all by itself.

You came straight as an arrow
I never had a chance to hide
I didn’t know which way to turn
But I never even tried to fight

Because you’re a part of me
I have never burned so bright
You're a warm soft shower
Coming down on a summernight

Instead of running from my pain
You wrapped me all in white
In your arms I'd gladly die
And I'll never even try to fight

Because you’re a part of me
I have never burned so bright
You're a warm soft shower
Coming down on a summer night
Coming down on a summernight . . .

Again, as the music wound down, her eyes kept the connection strong. He couldn’t even blink. When the last notes faded she lowered her head, and Sandy almost felt something physical snap apart. Realizing he’d been holding his breath, he released it and tore off his headset. He should thank her but nothing came out of his mouth.

[to be continued]

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