Saturday, January 7, 2012

Scene, Sandy and Sophie recording, pt 6

This scene takes place somewhere in the middle of Street Glass, so the year would be '89 or '90. As currently written, this scene is not intended to be included in the novel. Its purpose is to practice writing, explore the earliest beginnings of Sandy and Sophie’s relationship, explore a bit of her relationship with Adam, and have some fun that wouldn’t be appropriate for the novel. As everything is in this novel, the scene is in close third POV.

Background: Adam and Sophie are members of the rock/pop band Xenith. Sophie has also started the band Obsession to showcase her solo work; she’s active in both bands. She and Adam went through a very public and acrimonious breakup of their romantic relationship a few years prior, though they’ve continued to play in Xenith.

The term “track” is sometimes used here as a synonym for the verb “record.” The term “cans” is used as a synonym for “headset.” Lennie is producer as well as engineer for Sandy’s song, with only Neal assisting him; that’s why I don’t mention anyone else. The term “studio” can be a bit confusing. Used here, it refers to the specific room that the artist stands in to sing or play, not a building. If anything else confuses you, drop me a comment.

She took her headset off, peered at Sandy then looked down again. “You did great.”

Me? Oh my God, Sophie! You just elevated ‘Summernight’ to something holy! I had no idea it could sound like that.”

“I always do live tracking with Obsession, I think the vocals are better that way. But you did the work here. You just needed a little encouragement.”

Sandy put his headset back on, gestured at her to listen in her own and waited till she raised one of the cans to her ear. Pressing the button on the mic, he toward the control room window. “Tell her she turned this into something that belongs in a church.”

“He’s right,” Lennie said. “I’ve heard Sandy do the vocals several ways and nothing comes close to this. This one’s a hit. It’s too bad we didn’t film you guys. A blind man could’ve seen the electricity between you.”

“Don’t sell him short,” she said. “I wouldn’t have been any help if he hadn’t been capable of singing like that anyway.”

Standing beside Lennie, Adam leaned toward the mic. "You're a freak and a genius and you know it. You'd really have something if you'd control the freak part."

[to be continued in one more part]

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