Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scene, Sandy and Sophie recording, pt 2

This scene takes places somewhere in the middle of Street Glass, so the year would be '89 or '90. As currently written, this scene is not intended to be included in the novel. Its purpose is to practice writing, explore the earliest beginnings of Sandy and Sophie’s relationship, explore a bit of her relationship with Adam, and have some fun that wouldn’t be appropriate for the novel. As everything is in this novel, the scene is in close third POV.

Background: Adam and Sophie are members of the rock/pop band Xenith. Sophie has also started the band Obsession to showcase her solo work; she’s active in both bands. She and Adam went through a very public and acrimonious breakup of their romantic relationship a few years prior, though they’ve continued to play in Xenith.

The term “track” is sometimes used here as a synonym for the verb “record.” The term “cans” is used as a synonym for “headset.” Lennie is producer as well as engineer for Sandy’s song, with only Neal assisting him; that’s why I don’t mention anyone else. The term “studio” can be a bit confusing. Used here, it refers to the specific room that the artist stands in to sing or play, not a building. If anything else confuses you, drop me a comment.

Sandy leaned against the wall. Maybe he shouldn’t get mixed up in whatever weird thing they had going on, even from the sidelines. Still, she had a reputation for getting what she wanted out of studio sessions. He, on the other hand, had spent a ridiculous amount of time on one track.

Lennie and Neal both leaned toward her with barely concealed desperation on their faces.

Sophie looked a little uncomfortable. “I feel like this is infringing on your work, but would you like some help from Adam or me?”

“Oh, God! I’m not stupid, I’d love some help.”

“Let’s hear what you’ve got so far,” Adam said.

Sandy grinned. “Damn! Thanks, I really appreciate you guys listening to this. Lennie, turn it up just a bit in my cans.”

Lennie and Neal both scrambled to offer Sophie their seats. Adam retreated to the rear of the room. How he managed to work with her years after they broke up was a mystery.

Back in the studio, the piano intro eased into Sandy’s headset. He didn’t need the lead sheets for the lyrics and being able to see Sophie just made him nervous, so he turned away from the window. Technically, he sounded fine, but still couldn’t find the soul the piece needed. If anybody would have ideas on how to fix it, Sophie or Adam would. Sandy wouldn’t turn down an offer of some magic Adam Emerson guitar, either.

He gave it everything he had. Maybe some of it sounded better, but by then, he just didn’t know. When he faced the window again, Adam had joined Sophie at the board. Nobody moved as the final notes played. Sophie’s eyes had become unfocused and her expression was so far away, Sandy half expected her to physically disappear.

She blinked several times. “Hon, I have an idea, if you don’t mind me singing with you.”

“Mind? I’d love to get this thing finished before I die.” Besides, I was hoping you’d say that.

“All right. Give me a few minutes to warm up.”

Everybody in the control room started talking then Lennie went out with Sophie and Adam. Neal was still looking after them when Sandy came into the room. “Forget it dude, that ivory tower is too high for almost everybody.”

“Don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.” Neal pushed some of the sliders on the board.

“Go ahead, play dumb. I’m getting some hot tea while Sophie’s busy. We might need to track it several times so be sure you record all of it.”

(to be continued)

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