Monday, June 10, 2013

Want to support a fellow writer?

You know I feel pretty stupid for not thinking of this earlier, but here is Art Edwards' Kickstarter page for publishing his third rock novel, Badge.

For those who don't know, Art was co-founder of The Refreshments and played bass. He went on to do the theme music for the TV show King of The Hill, write his first rock novel Stuck Outside of Phoenix which was made into a feature film, and wrote his second novel Ghost Notes which won the 2009 PODBRAM Award for best work of contemporary fiction. Later, he was one of the instructors for the short-lived Basement Writing Workshop, which is where I "met" him. He gave me great advice for my novel Street Glass, advice I'm still working on more than two years later.

Art proved to be a superior teacher -- tons of patience, open-minded, always ready with a positive comment yet didn't pump me up when something I wrote was bad, just to make a paying customer happy.

The guy has had pieces published (or they're upcoming) in The Writer, Writers' Journal and Pear Noir! (#8 (2012): 64-67), and online at The Los Angeles Review, Word Riot, The Collagist, elimae, PANK, JMWW, Bartleby Snopes, The RumpusThe Nervous Breakdown and  Read more about him, his writing, and his music at his blog. And please, do the right thing and contribute to Art's Kickstarter! I did. We no longer live in closed, small communities, cut off from each other. Writing and publishing are now so much more interactive than they ever were. If you were trying to self-publish, wouldn't you want to know that other writers supported you enough to help make that dream a reality?

And honestly, a guy who's willing to post a photo of himself online wearing an owl shirt deserves support :D

And thanks.

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