Sunday, June 9, 2013

Looking for WeWriWa?

I'm not participating this week, sorry. I've had a very tiring week which included staying at work for an extra hour Friday evening then falling asleep on the sofa quite by accident. There's no way my brain will be at a functional level Sunday morning! I'll visit people Sunday evening and maybe Monday evening too. I hope to be back at WeWriWa next week though I warn you, I need to get my laptop's keyboard replaced and that could take up to a week. Long story short, I've knocked off 3 keys along with the little bits underneath that attach the keys to the board, and I really need that delete key!

So if you've stopped by my blog, I thank you very much for your loyalty and ask that you check back.

Lastly, something to cheer all of us up, because Western New York has not seen much of  the scene below in the last month or so:
(I am not a duck or a fish! I want sunshine!)

Sky Stock Photo
Image by Dan at


  1. Hi Marcia; Sounds like a rough week for you. :-( Hope all goes well with the keyboard repair.
    P.S. Saw the Rolling Stones live on Thursday for the first (and probably last) time. It was magical! ♥

    1. Hey Debbie, nice to see you. The Stones, awwww! You're pretty lucky. I gotta hand it to those guys, still rolling full steam after all these years. :D