Friday, February 12, 2010

Neal's Journal (language warning)

I'm free!!

I got out of Mi Familia and I ain't dead!

This crazy musician takes me to his house and I meet the band and I'm outta Watts. Sandy had to twist their arms - I'm gonna shred that fucking Eric. Thinks he's muy muy. Well he ain't shit! Lennie's the manager and he greenlighted me.

But the worst thing is my writer. She pushes me around. I gotta do what she wants or this hand comes out of nowhere and slaps my head. Damn, my shot caller was crazy too. Why've I got so many crazy people around?

I get even though. I'll hafta hide my journal. Sometimes I don't talk to her, or I talk in the middle of the night. She pushes my buttons, I push hers.

She keeps changin' what I say to people. That's why I'm screwed up, how can I think straight when she keeps changin' my mind? Damn, she's lookin' for me - gotta take off.

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