Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey hi. So glad you could make it. I suppose you're all wondering why I've asked you here; it's about the writing. I've had characters in my head for over thirty years, and have recently begun compiling and editing all that yakking into a story I'd like to have published.

What's the story about? I've tried to pinpoint that. On one hand, I could say it's about a gangbanger befriending a musician in 1988 Los Angeles, and where that friendship takes them. But that's far too bland! I like to say that it's about two unlikely friends discovering that by being true to themselves, they can change the world around them - around occasional kidnappings and gunfights, and frequent rock-n-roll shows.

It's still early in the process, so I might ramble from time to time. I plan to have separate posts from the two main characters, venting as I work with my muse to chase them up trees, throw rocks at them, and set the trees on fire.

I'll comment on books I'm reading for research. This includes works by Neil Peart, drummer and lyric writer for the Canadian rock band Rush; and something I've just started by Ian Copeland, brother of the Police's Steward Copeland, about his contributions to rock.

And I'll probably comment on the sound recording books I'm also reading. Who knew that stuff could be interesting? Come along for the ride. My characters love to meet new people ;-)

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