Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors 4/21/13

Street Glass is my novel-in-progress. My tagline: Underprivileged 18-yr-old Latino leaves street gang and befriends white, over-privileged musicians.

While some of the plot is subject to change (draft two is a pretty early draft, after all) the basic elements will stay, as will the character "voices". So these excerpts will still give you a good idea of how the plot plays out and what the characters are like. The year is 1986, in Los Angeles, California.

All the previous excerpts are collected here.  

Part I’m skipping: Sandy hints at something having gone wrong in his own past as he tries to convince Razor that all he wants is to get back to his friends and family; handing over a few thousand dollars to Razor for getting him back safely would be a fair trade. Razor considers how serious Sandy (Razor calls him “the Anglo”) might be.

Coyote, the gang’s leader, tells Razor to stay put to keep an eye on Sandy while the gang leaves to take care of tonight’s “job”. Coyote adds that tomorrow he’ll explain his plan for getting ransom money from Sandy’s friends and family. We continue in Razor’s Point Of View:
       Razor bit his lip. Coyote should’ve called off the job tonight and done the new plan instead. Waiting till tomorrow meant people would start looking for the Anglo, and cops from every precinct in the county would be out. By saying he’d explain later, Coyote admitted he hadn’t figured out what to do about that. Not a good idea, but nobody argued with Coyote.

       Razor would have to keep an eye on that ass of an Anglo all night, too. That meant no checking out that book he got from Licha. She swore it didn’t have any words he didn’t know but now he wouldn’t find out.
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  1. I think Razor is right about Coyote's instructions. What a nice surprise that he's interested in reading! More to Razor than meets the eye. Good story, Marcia.

  2. Gotta like a bad guy who is so intrigued by a book! Can't wait to see what Razor decides to do...excellent excerpt.

  3. This story continues to fascinate me, as your characters come across so strongly.

  4. How bad could he be if he likes books? Nice 8.

  5. These two paragraphs are very telling about Razor. It shows that he does (silently) question Coyote. And it also shows that he he thinks he's smarter than him. AND, it shows that he thinks he's smarter than Sandy, too.

    I guess in some ways, he is! :-)

    Good 8, Marcia! :-)