Saturday, March 24, 2012

To the actors portraying characters from my not-published-yet book

What would you say to actors portraying your characters? This is a question posed by Art Edwards in one of his recent blogs. Art was the instructor for the Rock'n'Roll Writing course I took. His first book Stuck Outside of Phoenix is being made into a movie.

The question got me thinking. It's the far-flung dream of many writers to have one (or all, heck, why hold back) of their books turned into movies. Art's in a good position because he's friends with the director, which means he'll have more input than if Universal came to him and said "So we've got everything in place to redo your book on the big screen--er, turn your book into a movie--and we just need your signoff. Then you can leave."

Issues of book-ruining aside, what would you say to actors portraying your characters?

Have you guys read the book? C'mon, be honest. A couple? Oh you guys too? Thanks. Did anybody like it? C'mon, I can take it. You did? Thanks!

So I don't want to tell you how I think you should portray the characters, because you're the actors. I put my spin on the characters when I wrote the book. What I'm looking forward to is seeing how you guys all bring these characters to life, the visual things that've only been in my head till now.

You guys all look pretty close to the people in my head, too, which is nice. It's a little daunting with everybody in costume--is jeans and a t-shirt considered a costume?--because it's so much more real now. I've heard Sandy singing in my head so I know what his voice sounds like, but having him physically right in front of me is a bit weird. I keep wanting to tell Neal not to slug me for putting him through so much shit!

What are you guys most looking forward to with each of these characters? Have you thought about what sort of quirks you'd like to bring out?

You guys portraying the band, I love that you can really play. I heard you had to learn how to do that drumstick twirl, is that right? It wasn't hard? I can't even twirl a pencil.

I can't wait to see how everybody brings the characters to life. This is one of the best things ever to happen to me. Thanks for taking this on. I've got to watch filming, I hope you're all okay with that. It gives me this sense of powerful creativity, and yet it's weird because the final results are still out of my hands. People are going to associate your faces with my characters, and that's just weird! It's good though, because I get the feeling you guys all want to do this. You seem interested in the project.

So, wow. This is unbelievable. Let's see where this goes. I'm sure watching you will make me think about all the characters in new ways.

--If I'm ever so fortunate to find myself in the position of talking to actors who'll be portraying my characters, I'm sure I'll say geeky, dopey stuff, but the above is what I'd like to say. How about you?

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