Friday, June 10, 2011

Scenes added to blog

I've included three scenes, each on a separate page. The title of each begins with "Scene" and adds a phrase descriptive of that particular scene. I have Neal and Lola, Sophie's Christmas Tree and Sandy and Neal Before The Wedding.

Each scene was started to help me get a clearer picture of the characters and how they relate to each other. I stuck them in my blog to give readers a feel for my writing and for the characters. As of now, only the first scene "Neal and Lola" is planned for inclusion in a manuscript. It needs additional work but you can get a sense of the personalities of both characters.

I love exploring character interaction. Most of the first scenes I ever wrote with these people were just to see what would happen when they met up. Over the years, they've surprised me and pissed me off, made me laugh and taught me things about human nature. It's addicting to throw characters together and watch the fireworks. I'm sure Freud would have something to say about it!

I think Sandy and Neal are my favorite characters, but the rest of the band and a few others come in as close seconds. Which of your characters motivate you the most?

And a big "hiya" to Lindsey! Thanks for joining my blog. J


  1. I love character interaction! It's some of my favorite stuff to write, but it can also be some of the hardest, you know? For it to come across as natural, for the dialogue to work and the scene to come together, you have to really get into your character's brains and pick them apart.

    Of all the characters I've written, I actually think that Nick and Rene are my favorites to write. They play off one another so well, and though they spend most of the novella they're in (Getting Ahead) in different locations, their interactions over the phone were just so much fun.

  2. Hi Marion. Yeah, character interaction is the frosting on the cake for me. Since I've spent some years with the characters in Street Glass, dialogue between some of the characters is intuitive for me and them, but sometimes too cryptic for readers. That's why I love getting crits!

    Nice of you to stop by, and hope to see you again J