Saturday, April 2, 2011

guest post by Becca!

The Owl is thrilled to announce that in one week, Becca Puglisi of the famous The Bookshelf Muse has agreed to guest post!  As most (if not all) of my readers know, Becca and Angela have compiled one of the best writing resources on the web.  Their group of thesauruses . . . thesauri . . . you know! pull together concepts that often have writers stumped, so we can jump start our brains.

I've asked Becca for a post on setting in fiction.  Setting can make or break not just scenes, but by extension, your whole novel or short story.  Yeah, characters and plot may be paramount, but if you under- or overdescribe your setting(s), or pick the wrong one, readers may be left with an uncomfortable feeling.  Worse, they may put your book down and leave it there!  Setting is not just a pretty vase of flowers in the background.  Please join me next week for Becca's take on using setting effectively.

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