Saturday, February 19, 2011

CSI:NY rant

To the writers and producers of CSI:NY - Do I look stupid to you?  When the original CSI series started, it was pretty cool.  A look into how crime scene investigators work!  (Well, sort of, anyway.  I know you fudge some stuff and make up other stuff because the shows are fiction, and it's TV rather than a novel.)  I liked how you explained some of the science.  Scenes showing various ways the "perp" may have committed the murder were kinda neat.

On yesterday's episode, "Got Justice", the serial rapist's van was found, and the cops commented that he must have raped his victims there.  You had to show a visual overlay of the attacker on top of a woman inside the van?  What, viewers can't imagine that for themselves?  Trust me, any woman can imagine that, and a lot of guys as well.  Sure, both characters were clothed, but the intent was to depict a rape.  Utterly unnecessary and extremely upsetting to some viewers.

I finally ditched CSI: Miami because I absolutely couldn't stand the way things -- parts of the set, background characters -- continually drift in between the camera and the actors.  Now you're doing it in New York.

I've been uncomfortable with some of the unnecessary depictions of crimes before, but this one combined with the obnoxious "set drift" have turned me off.  I've seen my last episode of any CSI.  Too bad, because as entertainment, all the CSI shows had their good moments.  (But I'm sure a lot of viewers realize that cops in real life don't chase armed (or possibly armed) people without any backup, though your shows are not the only ones to do that.)

I'm pretty annoyed that "Southland" moved to cable.  Ah, well.  The universe must be telling me to get a move on with the two writing projects I'm involved with.  I didn't talk about the second one, did I?  Maybe next time.  I hear characters calling me.


  1. I didn't see this episode, but I know what you mean. It is unecessary. And don't even get me started on CSI Miami. I stopped watching that because all the characters are so...fake. I don't believe in their relationships--there's no real connection between them.

    CSI Vegas is the opposite--that show is all about the interplay between the characters and you come to care for them. They make it work! Ha, guess I had a little rant in me too!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  2. *laff* Hey, Angela. I've missed a bunch of CSI Vegas episodes because the writing bug has been stronger, but I'd like to catch a couple more. Funny isn't it how shows in the same series can be so different. Thanks for chiming in.