Saturday, October 30, 2010

Could we focus, please?

I'm thinking about the suggestion to read over each chapter with a severely critical eye, and why that's hard.  I think it comes down to the inner writer child.

We all have one.  Like regular children, they think their worldview is the important one.  Everything they do is worthy of attention.  That's not always bad, though.  I believe our inner writer children {IWC for brevity's sake} provide the sense of wonder about our projects, that feeling of wooooo, this is cool and I really wanna keep going!  That's vital to help us reach toward the sky.

Taking the leash off does enable us to explore new twists on tired phrases, take plot chances that even sometimes work!, and generally learn to think outside whatever box is relevant at the moment.  But that IWC runs off, refusing to come when called. 

No you don't, you can't catch me!  Look at these pretty rocks, we can use these.  I know, I have 500 over there, but these are different.

....Ah, no, dear child, they're really not.  Remember the one we saw made into a necklace?  There was just one rock, and we couldn't stop looking at it.  Not the chain it hung on, or the wire wrapped around it, no, we kept looking at the rock itself.

The person who made that necklace believed in her ability to create something simple yet compelling. 

I won't tell this part to my IWC, but taking this advice means I'll have to inflict some bruises and cuts on the little darling.  But she's tough.  She falls off tightropes and gets back up.  I think having a few scars will do her a world of good.

I'm stealing the "quote of the day" from's home page:
The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.      - Stephen Covey

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