Saturday, July 17, 2010


I'm working on my WIP this morning and had a fascinating moment of writing insight.  I was struggling over how to have a character get something across, then I wondered if it needed to be said at all.  I had this sensation of being pulled down a narrow whirlpool that cut me off from everything else.  I could feel myself get sucked right into the conversation.

I realized the thought I wanted the character to explain might only be important to him and me, but that readers might not give a darn.  Maybe I'd gotten so wrapped up in the conversation that I lost sight of the scene's purpose.

Thanks to my inner editor for being so clear.  I wouldn't mind if she continued to be obvious with me, just maybe with another visual.  I can't swim!


  1. Those moments of clarity are wonderful aren't they? :)

  2. Yeah, they are! If I keep at writing, maybe they'll happen more often. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Wait, then I can't type - !