Thursday, April 8, 2010

We are number One!!!

I am not a big sports fan.  I live in Buffalo, NY and I am emphatically not a football fan.  In fact I can't stand football. *shrug*

I'm into hockey!!!!  I've been following the Buffalo Sabres since their early days in the 70s.  This season, we totally rock!  Ryan Miller is a god!  We are Northeast Division Champions, and I have to blow our horn!

Okay, the team slips up sometimes ... they had an extended losing streak this season which included both games I was able to scrape up enough cash to get into.  I've seen them skate in circles, looking for all the world like they have no clue why they're on the ice.  Slumps happen.  They're better than the Bills, in my book :)

They pulled it together though.  Miller continued his domination between the posts and stonewalled a blast from a New York Ranger that would have cowed a lesser goalie.  He speared the puck clean out of the air and into the net above the boards.  This is why Miller played for the U.S. Olympic Hockey team, and helped them win the silver medal.  The man has a deserved rep as The Best.

The Sabres will screw up in the future, like all teams.  I howl when they play like dopes.  But I'm a fan: I support my team.  They'll come back from the mistakes, like they always do.  One of these days, they'll bring Lord Stanley's Cup to my hometown, and then I'll really let loose.  :)

Until then, say it with me: We are number one!  We are number one!
  : D

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